On Writing

The Project

As well as being a splash page for a shit-ton of ramblings and general musings (I can’t really do handwritten stuff any more, the internet has ruined me), little bits of creativve writing may well pop up on here from time to time.

Some will be self-contained, some will be competition piece that never made he grade. Some will be offcuts, little snippets and musings on what shall become known as The Project.

The Project is esentially the novel I started back in 2011 for NaNoWriMo. Hwever, being that November is one of the busiest months in the games industry’s calendar, I only managed to reach 25k words that year. Nonetheless, I resolved to press on after NaNo had finished.

So I promptly excised 15,000 words on revision, kept the 10k I was less angry about, and returned to it in the New Year in 2012. Progress was slow and, to cut a long story short, I was shit at maintaining focus in the face of writer’s block, and I allowed myself to get distracted far too easily.

The thing about working from home is that compartmentalising your time becomes paramount. And I’ve always rather sucked at self-discipline and time management.

Anyway, that, in a nutshell, is The Project. It doesn’t have a name yet. But it will do. Soon.