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A Protocast… On The World’s End

Even before I started critically picking apart video games for money I was already doing it with TV shows and films and plays and books and, of course, games. One of the great things about the internet was discovering that even if you didn’t necessarily have a great number of people in your hometown who enjoyed doing such things, there were plenty of like-minded folk to be found in cyberspace.

But I’ve been really rather lucky. I have plenty of fantastic conversations with lots of lovely, wonderful, and phenomenally intelligent people on a day to day basis. I’m blessed to have friends who are just as geeky and nerdy and mildly obsessed with popular culture as I am, and better yet, they want to talk about stuff all of the time. They keep me sane, they help to keep my brain ticking over, they are my compatriots in absorbing and decoding and consuming and critiquing and re-evaluating culture… and, by extension, life. I owe them a lot. You’re all awesome. You know who you are. Please never stop being awesome.

Of late, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the company of the freshly anointed Doctor Looney, engaging in four-hour conversations about zombies and our modern obsession with the apocalypse, trying to solve the conundrum that is the Hulk’s trousers, ruminating on Promethean symbolism in this console generation’s video games, and chatting shit about hot dogs and beer. For an hour. Just hot dogs and beer.

I kind of live for this.

But Jarrid resides now in North Carolina, I’m still here in London, the Atlantic Ocean is pretty big, and crossing it is somewhat expensive, so we figured that we’d have to tap into technology to continue these epic chats, and that’s what we’re going to be doing. But we also realised that we often forget some of the awesome stuff we come up with, so we figured that we’d record these chats. And then, seeing as they’ll already be there in MP3 form, and we have lots of friends whose opinions and insights we value highly and love to hear, we figured we’d stick these chats online.

Now this is all going to take a little bit of setting up (the good Doctor is still lacking internet Stateside), but we thought we’d record a little teasing first draft — a proto-cast if you will — and given that we’d just watched The World’s End for the second time (we loved it, but we still went and picked large holes in it), we thought we’d chat about that. The end of August will hopefully see the launching of a full operation, but for now, here’s something to fill the time until then.

Give it a listen (after you’ve watched the film, of course, there are plenty of spoilers), and then let us know what you made of it. What’s your take on where The World’s End fits into the idea of The Cornetto Trilogy? Please pick holes in our arguments or add to our observations. We’d love to  hear what you think.