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Inflatable Robots and Pete Hornburger – Big Hero 6 Review

It feels good to be bringing back Spoiler Alert on Bros With Fros. I haven’t nearly as much film/TV criticism, written or otherwise, as I would have liked to have done over the past couple of years, and much of that is simply down to time. However, as a result of the new job (which I hope to be able to shout about very soon), I’ll no longer be covering gaming material on the BWF channel, instead turning my attention towards film, TV, gadgets, tech, and other nerdtastic interests.

I’ve seen a whole bunch of films lately, and I’m hoping to do vids for them all across the next few days, but Big Hero 6 had to be the first. The trailer was brilliant, and yet still saved a bunch of jokes for the film itself, which is (perhaps depressingly) always a nice surprise these days. I was excited about this film as soon as I learned about it, and by and large Big Hero 6 did not disappoint. It’s not a groundbreaking film, and neither does it really come all that close to breathing in the rarefied air that marks the heights that some of Disney’s most stellar CGI animated features have reached. But Big Hero 6 is a lot of fun, and it’s elevated into multiple-viewings territory by merit of its futuristic East-meets-West setting, and its incredibly loveable, inflatable heart: Baymax.

I love 30 Rock, but this is probably the best thing Scott Adsit has ever done.