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We went to see MOTHER! and things got weird

mother! is a really odd film. It demands a second viewing, I feel, although one that perhaps skips the first half hour or so. After all, the film’s first act is pretty much just Jennifer Lawrence floating about a large house in a revealing nightgown looking perturbed.

It’s a film that appears to me to be a musing on love and creativity and fame and perahsp even the modern cult of celebrity. Thanks to social media, we feel like we know our idols; we feel like they could be our friends. mother! seems to be a film that, at least at relative face value, confronts the insatiable ego of an artist, and the effect of self-centred creation on a relationship.

In some ways, mother! could be considered a tragic romance film. In others, the tone set by a cheeky ‘ping’ as the exclamation point slots into the title screen, mother! feels like a very dark, quite self-aware comedy. I found there were laugh out loud moments, even if some of those were born of incredulity.

It’s clever, but also enormously self-indulgent. mother! strikes me as a film that will stick in my mind, but not necessarily one that I would recommend. It’s provocative and quite brutal in places, and its ending provides enough narrative satisfaction to launch plenty of ‘what-does-it-mean’ conversations, but I don’t really know a) if I liked it, or b) if it was any good.

Like I say, maybe a rewatch will help straighten things out.

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