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Real Talk #1 – What’s The Best Star Wars Film?

I’ve been trying to get a podcast of sorts off the ground for a while now, but it can be a mission, especially if you’re working in the medium of video where you either end up with a recorded Skype call and a shitty static background, or having to spend a while editing to create something visually entertaining. Thankfully, I already live with one of the most interesting people I know, someone who makes me laugh every day and is a superb foil for my fuzzy lunacy.

Behold, then, a new weekly video series titled ‘Real Talk’ in which my better half, Aly, and I discuss super important things like the weather, desert-island foodstuffs, the weather, vegetable appendages, and Star Wars.

It’s gonna get weird.

Check in with Real Talk every Wednesday over on the YouTube channel >>