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Top Five Video Game Dragons

Having just finished a re-run of the Hobbit films, and now spending as much of my time as possible buried in assorted RPGs, I have dragons on the brain. So this week’s Top Five is simple…here are the Top Five Video Game Dragons!

5. Flemeth – Dragon Age: Origins

Honourable mentions go to Charizard, Spyro and Liu Kang’s alter-ego, but we’re kicking this off in traditional style with a game that has ‘Dragon’ right there in the title. The Archdemons in Dragon Age are fearsome beasts, the embodiment of elder gods and foul, demonic hate; and then there’s Flemeth, the shapeshifting witch who can turn into a high dragon at will. Now, she can’t send conversations round in circles or talk in riddles whilst inhabiting this form, but she can turn you into burnt toast and decapitate you with any one of her numerous talons.

4. Singe – Dragon’s Lair

Sometimes, you’ve just got to keep it simple and not overthink these lists. As everybody knows, apart from Nintendo who apparently confused dragons with turtles, a villainous dragon’s main aim in life is to kidnap princesses and amass mounds of gold and precious things to pimp out its lair. Singe, the primary antagonist of the aptly named Dragon’s Lair, fits squarely into this mould. He goes and nicks Princess Daphne and locks her up in the high tower of a wizard’s enchanted castle. Plus he was animated by Disney veteran Don Bluth…who’s awesome.

3. Ridley – Metroid Series

Space. Pirate. Dragon. Three of the most awesome words in the English language, and three words that define Ridley – the ultimate nemesis of Metroid’s Samus Aran. He’s probably the most evil dragon on this list, in looks certainly, but also because he’s, you know, responsible for mass murder and killing Samus’ parents. He’s persistent in his quest to add Samus to his kill sheet, too. No matter how many times Samus defeats him, he comes back in various Meta-forms, or as a robot or cyborg or bizarre parasitic disease. He’s one of the greatest villains in video game history, and did I mention that he’s a Space Priate Dragon? A SPACE PIRATE DRAGON! Amazing.

2. Bahamut – Final Fantasy Series

Let’s say you’re in the forest and a bunch of wild monsters ambush you for shits and giggles. Thankfully, you have the ability to call upon the King of the Dragons to summon down beams of death upon your foolish foes. True, Bahamut doesn’t do much apart from turn up, obliterate everything and fly off, but that’s because he’s probably busy. He’s The Dragon King dammit! Would you hang out with Cloud or Tidus any longer than necessary if you were a Mega Flare-firing, planet-orbiting behemoth? Admittedly that kind of makes him their bitch, which sort of rules out the number one spot for him, but you’d never say that to his face. He’s basically the Uber of Annihilation.

1. Alduin – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls series is stuffed with legendary dragons. There’s an argument for including Akatosh on this list, but to be honest, he’s a bit of a background dragon. Alduin, on the other hand, is a world-devouring, time-travelling leviathan, built from seething malice, and fuelled by an appetite for destruction that would put Axl Rose to shame. He makes it his business to romp around, eating the souls of the living and the dead, and you know, generally bringing the apocalyptic rain. Skyrim is a game all about fighting fire-breathing flying lizards, and Alduin is the biggest, baddest flying lizard of them all. That sort of makes him perfect for the number one spot.

Anyway, that’s just me…what about you guys? Who are your favourite dragons? What did I miss?