Is The Xbox One X Worth £449? – Game Buzz Extra

E3 2017 got off to a much-anticipated start earlier this week with the unveiling of the Xbox One X. Well, in classic E3 fashion, it leaked a little before Microsoft delivered their official presentation, but we finally got our look at Project Scorpio.

I mentioned in my E3 2017 highlights video that the new machine’s debut fell a little flat for me. But I wanted a second opinion. Thus I’m delighted to say that I managed to nab half an hour with the man once described by a YouTube commenter as The Most Soothing Voice On The Internet.

It’s almost like a mini Game Buzz…yes, Carl is back behind the mic, and we had a good old chat about the Xbox One X, its proposition, its price, and its appeal.

Is it going to be worth getting one come November?

That depends.

By the end of the year, Microsoft will have a trio of devices under the Xbox One branding. As lovers of choice, that floats our proverbial boats quite a lot. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be running out to buy the X.

How about you, dear reader? What’s your take on the 4K monster that Microsoft revealed? Are you excited by the Xbox One X’s power? Is the price bang on or more than you were hoping for?