The trend in gambling in the last decade is betting on cyber sports. This trend is rapidly developing, and the prize pool of The International tournament is already more than $30 million.

What general information is needed

Serious players do not tend to rely on luck and for success you need to know the rules, follow them rigorously and have up-to-date data in full. The website provides the user with free of charge:

  • tournament schedules;
  • odds from the reliable bookmakers;
  • tips and cautions from experts;
  • Tactics, strategies and secrets from the best professionals;
  • detailed information about the athletes and teams of the upcoming competitions and much more.

The information on the site is perfectly structured by sections and is easy to use. Based on current and constantly updated data you can make the most successful bets, and the joy of winning the favorite will join the excitement of their own winnings!

Betting on Dota 2 – algorithm and useful tips

Gambling excitement, but the more sangfroid and thorough preparation, the more likely victory. First of all you need to find the best bookmaker by all parameters, register on it, make a deposit and, if desired, activate the bonus.

Then choose an appropriate event from the wide list, taking into consideration that its prestige affects the size of the prize pool. Brokers do not give high odds for tournaments with the participation of famous favorites, and it is more profitable to bet in matches of opponents with equal opportunities. Important parameters to choose the favorite:

  • the level of team motivation;
  • The morale of the eSportsmen and the physical form in connection with the flight;
  • substitutions in teams;
  • Intensity of preparation for the match (number of bootcamps);
  • statistics of the results of each team for the last several months and the strength ratio;
  • the number of playing hours of each athlete for the previous 2 weeks;
  • Peaks and bans of the characters.

By comparing the facts, you can make your own prediction on the outcome and bet a small amount to start with. Over time, experience will be accumulated and the passability of predictions will increase.

In recent years, eSports has evolved from exciting entertainment into a serious discipline with great potential. Its prestige and popularity are growing, the prize funds are increasing, and with them the chances of bettors using decent tools – specialized portals.