The collaboration between betting and gaming no longer seems absurd, because cyber sports is gaining in popularity and allows you to win large sums of money.


Of course, the International class tournaments gather a multimillion audience, due to which more bookmakers are interested in them and high odds are formed. Just at such tournaments the sensations happen more often, thanks to which the riskiest bets can play. These events give you the chance to win a good amount of money, but they are organized only a few times a year, so many people are waiting for the big event for a long time. However, it is worth taking a closer look at smaller scale competitions. There are thousands of medium and small tournaments that are held regularly. These are of lesser interest to gamers and the public, but not to bettors. These are great platforms to n n Magazine about life, cheese and intermediate states – learn to understand better the mechanisms of betting, develop your strategy, try stacking. Gradually, you’ll be able to conduct a more competent analysis of game events if you regularly observe the teams’ actions. This will allow you to be prepared for bigger events. Of course, not all bookmakers accept bets on cyber sports, because some still consider this field to be dubious.


Yes, the advice is quite obvious, but many people start betting and get so involved in the process that gambling destroys rationality. In gambling, it is similar to sports: the chances of winning increase when you can thoroughly analyze the team’s players, the tactics you choose, the real-time events and other factors. The ideal is to rely on your own personal experience and make predictions that are based on an understanding of what is happening. In addition, the virtual world has an important advantage in the form of a function “through the eyes of the player. Using it, you can see everything that happens on the map in first person. This is a unique opportunity to get a kind of insider information and apply it to Live Betting. If a person really understands the game, it will not be a problem for him to assess the current odds of winning and other significant events. When betting on eSports, you should rely on your own skills and experience, knowledge of all the rules and features of the game, characters, terms and much more. But it is naive to rely on luck if you are going to increase your deposit and not lose it in a single round.


Cyber sports are characterized by the difficulty of collecting statistics on specific games and teams. This is due to the constant changes both in the mechanics of the gameplay itself and within teams. Newcomers keep appearing in the arena, who surprise and become champions without any initial claim to victory. The roster of leaders also does not remain stable over the years. This makes it impossible for bookmakers to make accurate predictions based on previous competitions. Also, developers often roll out new patches that fix bugs and other flaws in the games, supplementing their various aspects. That is who is the first to adapt to them, gets an advantage and wins tournaments unexpectedly for everyone. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on all the updates and changes in the teams. Information that bookmakers do not have, will be your tool to earn money.


There is always the temptation to bet on many games at once, without analysis, because some of them will bring profit. But such an express option can only disappoint the novice bettor. Experienced users have long ago proved empirically that a person is at a disadvantage if he expects to earn on every event in cybersport. But that doesn’t mean that your choice of events to bet on is limited – in gaming, their variability is pleasantly surprising. You can try to predict the duration of the fight, the players’ use of a certain weapon or artifact, “first blood” in the game, the total number of kills, the destruction of specific objects (in Dota 2) or the exact method by which the team will win. It’s a real room for imagination and intuition testing. Such details increase the interest of the audience and bettors to the game, because everyone has an opportunity to show their analytical talent.